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A Guide to Choosing Seat Covers

By MCC 4 years ago 26942 Views 5 comments

You may assume your car's factory seats are holding up just fine. But as they begin to age, they may experience severe wear and tear from spills, dirt, pets, and sun damage. This results in your seats looking dull and feeling less comfortable. There is a solution to all these problems though and that comes in the form of “car seat covers”.

Providing maximum protection to your car seats, offering a custom look for your interior, and hiding existing damage to your seats, these covers are an excellent way to ensure your vehicle looks clean and pristine on the inside. Read the guide below to understand why seat covers are important, and how to choose the right seat covers:

Protects Your Investment

If your seats get dirty or you spill something on them, it can be a real pain to clean them. You may have to use various cleaning supplies to get the dirt and stains out. If you have pets, you will regularly have to whip out the vacuum to get all the pet hair off. You also don’t want those pet nails to be poking on your new leather seats. The powerful sunrays magnified by the glass of your windows may also dull the colour of your leather seats.

All this makes it crucial for you to find a solution that protects your investment. A seat cover provides a protective barrier from all the common issues. Your seats will be safe from all types of spills, dirt, debris, UV damage, and frictions, helping you maintain your car's resale value.

Choosing Seat Covers


  • Neoprene Seat Covers – Made from the same material as high-pressure, temperature, and moisture-resistant scuba suits, neoprene seat covers offer maximum protection against water damage, spills, dirt, debris, and the sun's UV rays. It is the perfect material for off-road enthusiasts and dirt-bike riders, who do not mind getting a little messy.
  • Velour Seat Covers – This fabric boasts a plush knitted appearance. It is made from polyester or cotton, and similar to velvet, this fabric offers utmost comfort while providing an extra-soft finish. It does not present much in terms of water resistance, but is perfect if you want style and comfort.
  • Leather Look Seat Covers – This option is perfect for those who live in an area with a colder climate, but can prove to be a real problem during the hot months. Leather Look does not absorb spills, and most liquids sit on top of the surface, which means your seats stay safe the entire time. However, depending on the quality of cover you purchase, some may get sticky on hot days.
  • Canvas Seat Covers – Perfect for people with active lifestyles, this seat cover is a popular choice because of its hard-wearing and long-lasting properties. From water spills to mud splashes, this fabric can withstand unpredictable weather changes as well as daily rough treatments. On top of being tough, this material is also highly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Because it is tight-fitting, the cover stretches over your car seats perfectly, leaving no room for uncomfortable and unattractive wrinkling and bunching of fabric. So if you have kids, pets, or both, this car seat cover is an ideal option.

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There are a few points car owners must be wary of when choosing seat covers. Once you decide on the material you want, check if your seats have:

  • ● Built-in screens or DVD players
  • ● Headrests are built-in or adjustable
  • ● Seats with armrests
  • ● Airbags

Based on these factors, you may come across several different seat cover sizes. These include:

Size 90

This seat cover size is perfect for a front high backbench style seat.

Size A or Size 301

This one is commonly used in vans and utes.

Size 06/06H

This cover includes three separate headrest covers to offer the full functionality of adjustable headrests. Know that this seat cover does not allow for armrests or folding seats.

Size B or Size 401

This seat cover caters to the ¾ bench and front bucket seats. It allows full functionality for an adjustable headrest but does not allow for a cut-away in the ¾ bench for the gear stick.

Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe

This option is perfect for front seats with airbags. They allow side airbags to deploy in an emergency the best and most efficient way possible. You need to use these if you have airbags on your seats.

My Custom Car creates seat covers for all popular vehicle makes and models. Check out our list and see the most suitable protection to extend the life and luster of your car seats:

Gloria Durst 3 years ago at 11:55 AM
I agree that a leather seat cover looks nice when it's not too hot. It would make sense to get this kind of seat cover if you want something that is easy to clean. My sister is looking for a new car seat cover, so maybe a leather one would work.
Darren Airth 3 years ago at 12:52 PM
Hi Gloria
Our Leather Look seat covers are our easiest material to clean, they look great and are a fraction of the cost genuine leather covers are. Please contact us if you require any assistance with yours or your sister's seat cover requirements.
Pallabita Chatterjee 3 years ago at 2:58 AM
Very informative blog.I also suggest another blog of aelady.com that may help you to gather more information before buying a seat cover.I also followed that information before buying a seat cover for my car.
Graeme Wood 1 years ago at 11:31 AM
I have chosen the neoprene seat covers which suit my car for comfort and ease of cleaning. I had an issue for my particular vehicle (VW Golf) the ribbons were not long enough to access fitting without removal of the seats.I relayed this to the manufactures and they were only to happy to substitute my original ones with upgraded ones that are so much easier to fit and remove. I have nothing but praise for this Australian company and excellent service, the seat covers fit like a glove. Thank you Sperling.
Hugo Weaving 6 months ago at 12:00 AM
Amazing and useful information. I fully agree with author. good work.