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Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas Seat Covers

What are Canvas Seat Covers?

Canvas Seat Covers are the ultimate car seat protection. There are different types of canvas available today. My Custom Car provides a poly canvas that has a hard-wearing face fabric and a waterproof PVC lining that is an impressive 14 oz canvas. Our Cotton Canvas is also hard-wearing and comes in at 9 oz and includes a 6 mm foam backing for greater comfort. It also aids the seat cover to mould to the contours of the seat better. We also offer a cotton/poly mix called Super Tough Canvas with both specifications blended into one seat cover.

Canvas Seat Covers Canvas Seat Covers

Who are they for?

Several market segments widely use canvas seat covers. 4WD enthusiasts are always looking to protect their vehicles with off-road conditions. While those in the transport industry, such as couriers and truck drivers, appreciate the long-life canvas seat covers offer. Also, the mining sector, although on a decline in recent years, still has a significant demand for these essentials.

You could even say that this product is more important now as businesses in the mining sector aim to protect the resale of their vehicles. And with great quality seat covers, its value can be potentially increased by thousands of dollars. Vehicle fleet companies also benefit from fitting seat covers that protect and retain the best value for the vehicle when it is time to sell the car.

My Custom Car’s canvas seat covers have been protecting Australian vehicles for decades in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. We have developed a premium range of canvas seat covers that are custom-made to suit the many different seating configurations and seat contours available today. Our covers are comfortable and made to last.

• Large range
• Fast delivery
• Poly Canvas (Kakadu + Tradies) – won't rot/degrade with moisture
• Thickest stretch backing in market for best wear
• UV stabilised 
• Flame Retardant
• Waterproof
• Specially selected colours to suit most vehicle interiors

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