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VW Polo Seat Covers

Volkswagen Polo Seat Covers

If you love your supermini, you’re going to love customizing it with My Custom Car’s high-quality seat covers. They come in a wide range of styles and designs that will outlast the competition, while also ensuring your interior stays as clean and new as the day you drove it off the lot.

Make your VW Polo feel sporty, trendy, or kid-friendly by checking out the available seat-cover options here.

About VW Polo

The newly redesigned Volkswagen Polo has grown, but it’s still the nifty little supermini you know and love. With more passenger space and a larger interior, the VW Polo is conveniently compact but more comfortable than ever, and comes in three or five-door models for your unique needs. With high-level technology and available lighting and dash options, the VW Polo feels incredibly sophisticated and intelligent for a supermini. The newly available stop-start technology will help you save on fuel and bring an eco-friendly touch to your driving habits.

The VW Polo is a must-have supermini with all-around impressive style, driveability, and comfort. The trademark Volkswagen look is here, but with bonus sporty features and exterior details that will wow you. Now with more colour options and new wheel designs, you’ll have no trouble finding a customization that suits you. My Custom Car can help you with even more customization options: with tons of different seat cover fabrics and styles tailored to your needs, making your vehicle feel unique has never been this easy.


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