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How Tailor Made Car Seat Covers Are Better Than Universal Seat Covers

By Search Insights 3 years ago 8051 Views No comments

For anyone who's ever bought tailor-made clothing, the question of how something designed for you is better than something generic is pretty self-evident. However, in a world of mass production and universal sizing, the vast majority of people have never actually experienced the majesty of a custom fit, and so it's understandable why the appeal of tailored couture is undersold -- and the same goes for custom car seat covers.

Tailor car seat covers are far superior to their universal counterparts, but many people don't see custom covers as an option. Much like we'd write off the idea of getting a gown or tux custom made, we write off the possibility (and perks) of custom protection for our vehicle's upholstery. We think it's too expensive, or just not worth it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here's how tailor car seat covers are better than universal products.

1) Tailor Car Seat Covers Fit Better

This is the obvious reason custom car seat covers trump generic ones: they just fit better. They are made to fit the exact dimensions of your car seats, taking the make and model into account. There’s no unattractive sagging or bunching. What’s more, they are designed to fit around your vehicle’s buckles, levers, cup holders and other features, so you have unfettered access to all your vehicle's bells and whistles. The beauty of custom covers is all in these minute details, and it shows in a seamless and seemly finish.

2) Tailor Car Seat Covers Protect Better

Because tailor-made car seat covers fit better, they also offer superior protection. There’s no angle or inch left open to spills and stains, or wear and tear. Custom car seat covers also offer superior protection against fading due to UV rays. Again, it’s all in the fit, which hugs every inch of your upholstery, keeping it looking newer, longer.

3) Tailor Car Seat Covers Are Tailored to Lifestyle

When you purchase custom seat covers, you can also specify what sort of material you’d like. This is important since different materials can better protect against different elements and lifestyle factors. For instance, neoprene is a great option if your work or play has you constantly drenched since this material is the same material used for wetsuits. Not only will it keep your upholstery clean and dry, it also has a thermal resistance, so your seats won’t feel hot when you get into your car after leaving it in the sun all day.

Canvas seat covers, on the other hand, are great for tradies, since they are durable and tough and also offer water-resistant capabilities. Faux leather or velour is the perfect pick for those whose vehicles are showpieces. These materials allow you to maintain the luxury look of your ride, while still protecting the original upholstery.

4) Tailor Seat Covers Are Tailored to Style

You're not stuck with just a couple options when you do custom: you have an entire spread of stylish and strong possibilities. In addition to being able to customise the material of your seat covers, you can also select from a variety of colours that either match or enhance your vehicle's original upholstery. The choice is up to you.

5) Tailor Seat Covers Protect Your Investment

The resale value of your car will depend on how well you’ve kept it close to its manufacturer’s condition. Just like dented fenders or doors can decrease the value of your vehicle, so can ruined upholstery. Sure, you can’t stop your vehicle from depreciating in value entirely — this happens as soon as you buy it and drive it off the lot — but because tailor car seat covers fit better and can be custom made to protect your upholstery against the demands and rigours of your lifestyle, they will preserve more of the value of your vehicle.

We’re not going to deny that, in general, custom car seat covers are more expensive than generic options, but this doesn’t mean they are exorbitantly priced. In fact, they’re quite reasonable, especially when you consider everything they do for you and your vehicle.

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