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July 2018

When Should I Replace My Car Floor Mats?

By Search Insights 2 years ago 2778 Views No comments

Cars aren’t an impulse buy or something you purchase for the short term. Cars are huge investments, and part of maintaining your investment means taking care of it – even the smaller details like floor mats. Floor mats are surprisingly important; they protect the carpet lining of your vehicle, they give your feet grip during rain or snow, and they help complete the look of your vehicle’s interior. But floor mats, like almost everything else on your vehicle, need to be replaced sometimes. Universal floor mats work well but can often move more than a custom made mat ,with movement comes wear and tear so you’ll have to replace them more often than custom fitted mats, but replacement floor mats are simply a fact of life either way. How often should you replace your car mats? Read on to find out five tell-tale signs that it’s time to install replacement car mats.

Cheap Universal Floor Mats Vs. Custom Floor Mats For Your Vehicle: What’s the Difference?

By Search Insights 2 years ago 1148 Views No comments

We all like saving money and taking shortcuts here and there can pay off in the long run – like using coupons at the grocery store or driving a little out of your way to fill up on cheaper gas. But there are some things you shouldn’t skimp on, and improvements to your vehicle are high on the list. Floor mats might seem trivial, but they’re surprisingly important to the overall aesthetic and quality of your vehicle’s interior, not to mention the resale value of your car. If you want to keep your car feeling new as long as possible or plan on selling it one day down the line, buying the right floor mats now can pay off in spades. Universal floor mats are made to fit as many vehicles as possible, but custom floor mats are specifically designed for your vehicle’s exact configuration.

What is the Difference Between Rubber Floor Mats and 3D Floor Mats for Cars?

By Search Insights 2 years ago 2277 Views No comments

Floor mats aren’t just for show or resting your weary feet. They’re incredibly practical and important for keeping your vehicle’s interior clean and good-as-new, but not all floor mats are made equal. Two of the main sellers, rubber mats and 3D floor mats, are surprisingly different when it comes to lining your vehicle’s floors. 3D floor mats offer edge-to-edge protection in a moulded, stylish finish, whereas rubber mats are affordable, sleek and robust carpet liners that protect the main carpet area. When it comes to choosing the right mats for your vehicle, there are a few factors that you’ll want to consider, because your vehicle is an investment and investments deserve to be protected.