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April 2018

Beautify Your Car Interior With New Seat Covers

By Search Insights 3 years ago 1311 Views No comments

Your car’s value starts depreciating the moment you drive it off the lot, but it doesn’t have to lose that “new car” feeling. With busy lifestyles, less than tidy kids and pets, and active weekends, your car’s seats can quickly start to look and feel used. Everything from dirt, grime, rips, discolouration, and burns can instantly age your vehicle and make it less exciting for you to drive. Fortunately, you don’t have to upgrade your car to fall in love with your car again. Seat covers for your car can protect new seats, cover up older seats, and bring back a little joy into your drive. With different types of seat covers and fabrics, you’ll be sure to find exactly the look you want for a stylish interior and smooth ride—not to mention a pristine interior condition that will net you a nice resale value should that day ever come. Keep reading to find out why seat covers are exactly what your car has been missing.

How to Protect Your Car's Interior This Summer

By Search Insights 3 years ago 2127 Views 1 comment

New or old, your car deserves some TLC this summer. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to protect leather car seats from sun damage, keep juice box spills at bay, or leave some of the beach sand at the beach this year, here are some tried and true tips for keeping your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape when the weather starts to heat up. From shade to seat covers, keeping it cool has never been this easy.

How Tailor Made Car Seat Covers Are Better Than Universal Seat Covers

By Search Insights 3 years ago 8049 Views No comments

For anyone who's ever bought tailor-made clothing, the question of how something designed for you is better than something generic is pretty self-evident. However, in a world of mass production and universal sizing, the vast majority of people have never actually experienced the majesty of a custom fit, and so it's understandable why the appeal of tailored couture is undersold -- and the same goes for custom car seat covers.

How to Measure for Optimal Fitting Auto Seat Covers

By Search Insights 3 years ago 3106 Views No comments

Seat covers are an incredible way to add some character and longevity to your car.

Small spills and outdoor mud and muck can be frustrating to clean. If you have an active lifestyle, children, or pets who are always along for the ride, your car seats likely take a beating. Protective coverings on canvas or neoprene can save you the trouble and keep your car looking brand new. Or maybe you want to add a bit of comfort and luxury to your ride with velour or leather look seat covers.